911 emergency brake installation

With the changeover to the front and rear SC brakes I decided to do the 911 emergency brakes as well.  This modification uses the backing plates and brake assemblies from 69 - 71 911ís and requires some minor cutting, grinding and welding on the trailing arms. This is a nice upgrade path to bigger brakes and a reliable e-brake system.

Here are all the parts after being cleaned, modified, plated and painted. 

The first step was to disassemble the arms and remove the hubs, bearing retainer plates and bearings so that the arms could be modified for the E-Brake assemblies.

As it can be seen to the left, removing the bearing destroyed the seals and required another new pair of wheel bearing to be installed upon reassembly. 

The next step was to cut and grind the mounting ears on the trailing arms so that the backing plates could be bolted on.  Areas in white will be cut off and ground smooth.

The next step was to cut off the emergency brake cable mounting ear and relocate it so that the cable would go straight back to the new bellcrank that will be installed in the next steps.

A hole was drilled and a nut was welded in place to mount the bellcrank. The bellcrack was cut from 3/16Ē steel plate and a bushing was pressed in place for the pivot.  A short custom cable will be fabricated to connect the bellcrank to the e-brake mechanism

A 40mm spacer needs to be fabricated and welded in place to keep the bottom of the brake shoes spaced out properly. This spacer is originally part of the 911 trailing arm so a piece has to be added to the backing plate to replicate itís function.

An additional small plate was added to provide backup to one of the helper return springs.

Modified and assembled E-Brake

E-brakes installed on trailing arm after installing new bearings

Hubs reinstalled

Rotor installed

Caliper bolted on showing spacers on the back side

Hard brake line bent and shaped while on the bench

Completed arm reinstalled to chassis