Paint work

After the flares were roughed in, all the  body panels were fitted to the tub to check alignment and gaps prior to any paint work

The hood, trunk, and doors were then stripped of any remaining paint and the inside seams and channels were sandblasted to cleanup before painting.

Next the hood and trunk interiors  were epoxy primed / sealed and painted black

The door interiors were next to be primed and painted

The bottom of the chassis was then epoxy primed and all mounting point and openings were masked off for the next step of work. 

Wurth SKS Stone Guard was applied to the entire underside of the chassis.  It took almost 8 liters to cover the entire bottom and the wheel wells. The two tone look is because I had several liters of gray and beige, it will all be painted black so color was not a concern

Next the bottom and wheel wells were painted black

The next step was to paint the interiors. Front trunk, the passenger compartment, and the rear trunk

The next steps were to paint the exterior of the body panels

Exterior Painting